How to Stop the Dangerous Impacts of Stress and Anxiety in a Naturally Effective Way

Stress and anxiety often go hand-in-hand. Work, school, family life, and finances have always been the top stress and anxiety-inducing culprits. However, with the outbreak of COVID-19, it only compounds those existing problems. Without properly managing stress and anxiety, your mind and body can suffer the consequences.

Anxiety is born from stress. The human body is designed to handle this with that “fight or flight” response, but when it’s chronic, it keeps you feeling anxious and keeps releasing high levels of stress hormones, the most popular known as cortisol.

Overproduction of these stress hormones can lead to weight gain, depression, fatigue, headaches, digestive troubles, heart disease, and perhaps most worrisome of all during the pandemic, weakened immunity. That’s why it’s important you get your stress levels under control to subdue anxiety and balance your body.

What You Can Do to Naturally Take Back Control from Stress

The following tips can help you gain control over your stress to reduce anxiety and feel your best no matter what’s going on in your life and the world around you.

Take on exercise

Interestingly, when you endure physical stress as the kind exercise gives you, it helps quell mental stress. Exercise lowers those stress hormones all the while releasing endorphins that make your mind and body feel good. An additional bonus to exercising regularly is that it will help you sleep better, which kicks off the start of a healing cycle to eliminate stress. Keep in mind that exercise can take on many forms so choose something that you enjoy and look forward to doing each day.

Try meditation

Focusing on mindfulness and gratitude has been shown to rewire the brain in a positive way. When you’ve been constantly battered by stress and anxiety, taking a small amount of time out each day to meditate and harness thoughts of positivity can really help. There are many meditation methods, either guided or simply with music. Get into a comfortable position and simply listen to start changing your mind, and your life.

Pet a pet

If you have a pet, use your furry companion to your advantage. Dogs can be great to walk with and are thrilled to have extra attention. Any pet that you must care for can help with the release of oxytocin which makes you feel good.

Start a gratitude journal

Train your brain to look on the bright side by writing down what you’re grateful for each day. This simple practice will remind you of the blessings in your life. Reading through it on difficult days can help you stay focused on what’s most important.

Restore balance to your brain

Even with these tips above, when stress has reached a chronic point, you may need more assistance with restoring the wiring in your brain. Scientists have found that the brain’s chemistry and structure are altered during excessive stress. To rid yourself of the plague of stress and anxiety, it’s important to support the restoration and balance of your brain health.

Effective and Natural Brain Health Restoration from Stress and Anxiety

When you take these stress-busting tips and combine them with pharmaceutical-grade CBD oil, you will help your brain get back in control. Not all CBD oils on the market are created equally though. As it is an effective, natural, and science-backed way to bring balance to the brain and body, it’s often duplicated.

Choosing a brand that truly keeps the full spectrum of beneficial cannabinoids intact is the only way to harness the power of this plant-based remedy. By using a CO2 extraction method, over 80 cannabinoids and 145 botanical compounds are available to provide the best therapeutic benefits. Without the proper cannabinoids, terpenes, and botanical compounds, CBD oil just won’t work.

If you’d like to try CBD oil to assist with your stress and anxiety management, Sation Wellness provides a science-perfected natural formula. Made from organically-grown hemp in Oregon that is converted to pure CBD oil at a GMP-certified facility in California, it is rigorously lab-tested to ensure top-tier quality for your health.


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Emma Rose
Emma Rose has been a relationship and fitness coach for more than 10 years. She also often gives inspirational speeches at TED events. Thousands of people have gained massive success in their relationships based on Emma's advice.