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7 Reasons Why Sitting Too Much Will Kill You

Download (FREE) eBook version here Introduction – Why Sitting Too Much Is a Bad Thing If you take...

4 Foam Rolling Exercises To Build Muscle

Foam rolling is so much more than just a new fitness trend—it’s one of the best ways to improve joint function, enhance mobility, and decrease post-workout muscle soreness. As multiple studies have discovered, foam rolling can reduce delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and keep your muscles in tip-top shape!

Functional Training for Tactical Muscle

Functional training and the development of functional muscle in the tactical sense means building functional muscle that will get you “through the door” or “outta the shit” and enable you to “embrace the suck”.

[Infographic] 15 Minute Workout

A quick glance over this bodyweight exercise poster you can get a quick workout in anywhere with no equipment!

How To Stay Mentally Strong During Any Crisis

Having the ability to stay mentally strong during a crisis will enable you to reach a successful outcome and possibly even save your life or the lives of those around you.

Can You Get Ripped ABS At 40?

Getting ripped abs at 40 and beyond is still one of the main goals men and women want to achieve in their lifetime. It is a bucket list item and to be straight up, I fully support the endeavor for a number of reasons.